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Want a website maintenance companies in Mumbai to keep your website up-to-date? If this is the case, Prateeksha Web Design is known for helping with website management, making it easy for you as a business owner to handle all your website-related concerns.


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When it comes to maintaining a website, small changes are the norm. The designer makes any necessary changes, like changing or fixing the wording. Updates and patches are often made to the program and its add-ons to fix security flaws. Forms are both tested and backed up. 

We check every website for problems like broken links and pages that take too long to load. Also, the load times of the pages are restricted to see how well the site has been set up. We ensure there are no scripting problems and that all pages are stable. There is too much SPAM in the comments sections, so they need to be taken down. 

Because of changes to the server software, the website needed to be updated. As part of our monthly website maintenance packages, we have the lowest website under maintenance charges in India. There needs to be a paid website maintenance service.

Website Maintenance Meaning

We call it “website maintenance” when you check your site often for problems and make changes as needed. Your website’s health, speed, and usability depend on how often you do this. When a website is well-kept, visitors know what they’re getting into, are more likely to become leads or customers, and stay on the site longer.

Both big and small businesses can’t afford to take care of their websites. Unfortunately, many companies don’t care about it and only pay attention when something terrible happens and the website stops working. In the long run, the health of your business will depend on how well you can keep your website in good shape.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance includes fixing bugs, adding new content like photos and videos, and making the site better by adding things like scripts and extensions. This can be done whenever it is needed or at regular times.

Maintaining a website that is up-to-date, accurate, and supported by the software is essential for several reasons, such as attracting more visitors and improving SEO and page rank. 

Businesses must always keep their websites up to date and relevant if they want to get and retain customers. In addition, it helps build the brand’s value and gives the business an air of professionalism.

Search Engine Optimization – Website Maintenance Services India

The main goal of a website should be to get more people to visit it. Websites that regularly update their information and provide fresh content tend to do better in Google’s search engine results. Google will re-index your site and change its ranking to reflect your changes. If your website isn’t working for a long time, Google might remove references to it from its index. If your site has too many 404 errors, Google will block it. Search engine optimization (SEO) and high rankings are greatly helped by adding and updating content regularly.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

The cost of maintaining a website depends on how much time and work it takes. A more important site will take more time and work than a less important one. The cost can also depend on what kind of expertise is needed. For example, visual design expertise is usually cheaper than programming expertise.

Prateeksha Web Design is a well-known web design and web development company in Mumbai, and they offer a range of website design packages that are easy on the wallet.

Website Maintenance Services, Plans & Packages

Organizations go to Prateeksha Web Design to keep their websites up-to-date, safe, and in good health.

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Website Maintenance Plan

A website maintenance plans should be one of the essential things for any business with a website. If you don’t keep up with and improve your company’s website, you might as well say goodbye to its success. If a website isn’t kept up well, it could cause big problems. As your business grows, adding new content like pages, posts, photos, links, videos, plugins, and much more is easy. However, keeping everything up-to-date, compatible, and safe can be challenging. Having a website maintenance plan ensures that all of your work is done on time, consistently, and without any risks.

List of Best Website Maintenance Services

People often ask us for specific examples of website maintenance requests that could come up after a site goes live. Take a look at some of the website maintenance tasks that our clients have asked us to do in the past and that we would be happy to do for you!

Simple Website Changes

To change your website, you only need to add or change text, images, or pages every so often. These are just regular website maintenance tasks you need to do to keep your site up-to-date for both people and search engines.

Page Speed Improvements

We can check for many things that could slow down your sites, such as hosting problems, caching problems, graphics that aren’t optimised, console errors, broken links, bad queries, and more. Page load times that are faster are good for users and for SEO.

Plugin / Extension Updates

If you use third-party plugins or extensions on your site, you should keep them up to date to ensure they work with any new features or bug fixes that their creators release. Like updating the CMS platform, this fixes vulnerabilities and brings back lost functionality.

Google Search Console Fixes

Has Google Search Console ever told you there was a problem with your coverage? If that’s the case, we can look into the coverage problems, find solutions, and let you know what we see. If Google likes you, you move up in the search results.

Setup Google Tag Manager

When it comes to tracking and other specialised codes, Google Tag Manager is a handy tool that makes management a breeze. You might wish to include it on your site. Definitely not a major issue! We can put Google Tag Manager on your website and give you a quick lesson on how to use it.

Optimize Images

Does adding more pictures to your website make it take longer to load? Not a big deal at all! We can compress all your photos at once, and you can set it up so that any new images you add will automatically be compressed.

Why Is It Important to Do Website Maintenance?

Your website needs regular care and maintenance, just like your body does. If a website isn’t updated, viruses, malware, or corrupted files could be put on it. There is also a chance that the site’s cache or design is broken, making it look like it wasn’t put together well.

Your website must look polished and professional. Something will always need to be changed or updated. Even though this probably shouldn’t happen too often, it does have to. Those in charge of an online presence must constantly be looking for problems. Sites that use WordPress do, however, need to have their software and security fixes updated and put in place regularly.

This helps keep malicious software and hackers from getting into the site. Your company’s website is an essential tool for marketing. It’s not an asset if it’s outdated and doesn’t work right. It could even be a liability. A website that looks professional is a surefire way to persuade customers that they made the right choice.

Every day, new plugins and add-ons come out, so it’s always a good idea to try to upgrade your website software to a better one so you can use the latest innovations. Many businesses now use their websites to make sales and run their daily business. Only online outlets, such as an e-commerce website, are a source of new leads and enquiries. So, these companies must keep their websites fresh, strong, and regularly updated.

The Website Platforms We Maintain

Our talented web designers and developers have worked with many web development environments for years. Still, it would be best if you focused on mastering a few platforms instead of trying to become an expert in all of them. Because of this, our website maintenance company concentrates mainly on the following systems:

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